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Age Group Qualification

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Membership of British Triathlon allows you the chance to qualify for a place in the British Age-Group Team and wear your very own GBR tri-suit in the European (ETU) or World (ITU) Championships. 

Age Group Qualifier Races are listed on the British Triathlon website under "Events>Championships and Qualifiers". To automatically qualify for a Championships, you'll need to finish in the top four who have registered in your age group. You'll also need be within 120% (European Champs) or 115% (World Champs) of the age-group winner's time. Roll-down places are also available, so with a bit of careful planning, it's not as hard to qualify as you might think! Don’t forget to register your “intention to qualify” for the relevant Championships with British Triathlon BEFORE the race - this costs £12.

There are lots of chances to qualify for Championships, including Aquathlons, Duathlons, Triathlons and even Aquabike. 

If you want to know more, or need some help working out how to register or which Championships to aim for, speak to our AG Rep, Marianne Carpenter. There is also an Amphibs "AgeGroup" Whatsapp chat you can join, where you can post questions, buddy up on transport to qualifiers, and find out who else has qualified. 

Running Gait Analysis

Running Gait Analysis gives you a great insight into your current running technique and what you can do to improve it. The session includes video assessment, followed by specific drills, stretches and strengthening exercises to correct your specific gait issues. Another analysis at the end of the session lets you see the before-and-after footage side by side. Improving  your technique allows you to go faster for less energy, and reduces strain on joints, muscles and tendons, If you've been struggling with running injury or niggles, this is a game-changer. 


Contact Marianne at Bath Spa Osteopathy to book. Amphibs members also get a 40% discount on sports therapy and osteopathy sessions:


Running Gait Analysis

Sports Coaching Rehab

Individual video running gait analysis sessions to improve your running efficiency, and find and eliminate the causes of recurring niggles or injuries. A comprehensive review of your running including asymmetry/ flexibility issues, cadence, footstrike, and corrective drills. These sessions last 1 hour.


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Sports Injury Clinic

Bath Spa Osteopathy

Injured? Amphibs get a massive 40% discount on sports injury therapy sessions with Marianne at Bath Spa Osteopathy. Marianne is an award-winning Registered Osteopath and sports therapist and has taught at Swansea Medical School for several years.


Training Aids


Links to training aids that members have found useful:

80:20 Training by Matt Fitzgerald and Davis Warden. A great book which outlines training principles used within club sessions. If you want to understand more about the "zones" used in swimming and spin sets, this is the book for you!


Training Peaks is an App which allows you to plan, record and analyse your training online. You can also upload sessions directly to your smart watch. 

Coaching: various people in the club can offer you help with coaching. Contact our Head Coach, Stuart Stenhouse, to enquire.

Swim Smooth by Paul Newsome and Adam Young. If you are struggling with swim technique, this book offers clear and easy-to-follow guidance. There are some great Swim Smooth videos including "Mr Smooth". If you are after Video Analysis, try Jason at South West Swim, who is a Swim Smooth coach. 

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